Titanoboa on the Smithsonian Channel!

Titanoboa on the Smithsonian Channel!


Titanoboa Sizzle Reel

Titanoboa Sizzle Reel  by  Ben Cooper!

Ben Cooper’s short doc on the making of Titanoboa

Check out this documentary by Ben Cooper on the making of Titanoboa!

Titanoboa in online innovation contest!

Vote for us, and if we win we’ll use the winnings to make Titanoboa more awesome!

Titanoboa in the news!

Titanoboa was featured recently in a flurry of online articles!

GizmagWiredTreehuggerMashable,   TimeHuffington Post,  CBS NewsIEEE spectrum, and more.

Titanoboa at our recent photoshoot with the Cooper Bros and Micheal JP Hall.


Great Northern Way Campus center for digital media groundbreaking event

Mayor Gregor Robertson, Titanoboa, and Charlie at the Great Northern Way Campus groundbreaking event for the new center for digital media.



Titanoboa with fellow eatART projects: Mondo Spider, Daisy, and Prosthesis: Phase Alpha.

Recent progress at the lab…


Here’s a smattering of shots from around the lab… eye candy! Titanoboa is really coming along, and the progress so far is amazing.


Titanoboa Progress - Head & Body

Titanoboa mockup from Maker Faire. 15 vertebrae and the proto-head. Half the total length.

Titanoboa Progress - The Brains

This is one of Titanoboa's brains. This is going to be one smart snake; electronic brains will be located all along it's spine.

Titanoboa Progress - Vertebra Core

These are the core of each vertebra. Through the centre of each ring will be the nerves of Titanoboa: control lines, power supply, hydraulic lines. It's very similar to the function spinal cord. Biomimcry in action!

Titanoboa Progress - 1st Aluminum Vertebra

First aluminium vertebra!

Titanoboa Progress - Hydraulic Pistons

The first 1/3 order of hydraulic cylinders are in! Each with a 1 ton thrust capacity, these bad boys are 12 inches of sexy snake muscle.

Titanoboa Progress - Saddling Up

Saddling Up Titanoboa!

Titanoboa Progress - Ride The Snake

Our fearless leader: "Yeehawwwww!"