TITANOBOA: World’s Largest Snake Robot.

Photo by Michael J.P. Hall www.michaeljphall.com

Titanoboa is a full size electro –mechanical reincarnation of the ancient, 50-foot snake killed off by past climate change.  The project is a vehicle to provoke discussion about climate change and energy use, and to enable learning through the creation of a engineered art piece.

Titanoboa is an independent art project built by Charlie Brinson, Jonathan Faille, Hugh Patterson, Michelle La Haye, Markus Hager, James Simard, and Julian Fong, along with the larger Titanoboa crew.  Initial construction took place in 2011 and the machine’s full length was finished in 2015. Titanoboa has been deployed at numerous events, festivals, and community events.

Wanna get involved or have Titanoboa slithering at your event?  Get in touch!

Check out our media page to see videos of Titanoboa in action!

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