Recent progress at the lab…


Here’s a smattering of shots from around the lab… eye candy! Titanoboa is really coming along, and the progress so far is amazing.


Titanoboa Progress - Head & Body

Titanoboa mockup from Maker Faire. 15 vertebrae and the proto-head. Half the total length.

Titanoboa Progress - The Brains

This is one of Titanoboa's brains. This is going to be one smart snake; electronic brains will be located all along it's spine.

Titanoboa Progress - Vertebra Core

These are the core of each vertebra. Through the centre of each ring will be the nerves of Titanoboa: control lines, power supply, hydraulic lines. It's very similar to the function spinal cord. Biomimcry in action!

Titanoboa Progress - 1st Aluminum Vertebra

First aluminium vertebra!

Titanoboa Progress - Hydraulic Pistons

The first 1/3 order of hydraulic cylinders are in! Each with a 1 ton thrust capacity, these bad boys are 12 inches of sexy snake muscle.

Titanoboa Progress - Saddling Up

Saddling Up Titanoboa!

Titanoboa Progress - Ride The Snake

Our fearless leader: "Yeehawwwww!"

4 Responses

  1. saul says:

    Charlie, you’ve finally got a great use for that pink cowboy hat! Gonna miss you this year! Can’t wait for my signed photo with you, Polly and the Titanoboa

  2. titanoboa says:

    Are you guys really going to make it to scale? That’s going to be wild! do you guys mind If I link to you from the page I built?

  3. M. McMurtry says:

    NOW: If they could only get it to breathe FIRE!! Wouldn’t that be cool?! But not out of the mouth, out of the nose apertures…yeah!!

  4. Phongvm90 says:

    your project is awesome. Btw, can this snake rise its head/upper body up?

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