Titanoboa on Futurism

Titanoboa at Seattle Maker faire 2015


A slow slither by James Simard at CES 2013 in Vegas.


Titanoboa and Mondo Spider circle each other in the ring at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC, April 2012.


Titanoboa at Millennium Park in Calgary for Beakerhead with Momentum Live Drummers and rad BMX riders launching overhead.


Titanoboa appears at day one of Beakerhead in Calgary.  We were lucky enough to cruise through Heritage Park’s  “Gasoline Alley” on the way to the deployment and Michael Hall snapped some rich pictures.


Titanoboa cranked up to roughly 40% of it’s full power at Google X Fiesta in Mountain View, CA.



Titanoboa on the Smithsonian Channel!


Another doozy by Ben Cooper !


A short documentary by Ben Cooper on the making of Titanoboa!


A short test run in the hangar next to eatART.


Titanoboa and the Mondo Spider walking machine doing a little dance.


20 vertebrae, 30 ft long snake in the dark on the Black Rock Roller Disco at Burning Man 2011:


10 vertebrae, 18ft long snake on the Black Rock Roller Disco at Burning Man 2011:


Video of first 10 vertebrae motion using open loop control at Vancouver 125 Summer Live event:


Video of our initial prototype:



Here’s a layup of our first 10 aluminum vertebrae with a prototype steel head: