Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Titanoboa and Daisy hit Seattle Mini Maker Faire September 19-20, 2015.  Lots of epic slithering!


Discovery Channel Daily Planet & eatART power’s the VAG

In the lead up to the eatART  powers the VAG event at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Discovery Chanel Canada documented Titanoboa working to get the full 50 ft machine working for the event.  Here’s a teaser clip.


Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Check out Titanoboa at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire  June 6 – 7th, 2015.  For the first time ever we will be deploying the full 50ft Titanoboa machine in all it’s glory!


Bay Area Maker Faire 2014

Titanoboa has been dusted off after a lengthy hibernation through the big eatART Foundation move and is hitting Bay Area Maker Faire with the Black Ghost Electric Bike Car on May 17-18!

Check out the interview with Tested:




First Annual Touch Vancouver Public Library Fundraiser.

Hugh Patterson rides the snake at the Vancouver public library fundraiser while rockin’ the night lights!


Burning Man 2013.


Titanoboa at Maker Faire Vancouver 2013.


Titanoboa at the 2013 Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver.


Titanoboa and the Mondo Spider rock CES. Jan 8-11, 2013

Titanoboa and the Mondo Spider hit Vegas for CES 2013, thanks to Lenovo who sponsored us for the trip down.  We hadn’t even unpacked before the cameras were rolling and crowds were forming!

Titanoboa wow’s scouts Dec 1, 2012

Titanoboa crew hosted a group of 13 scouts at the eatART lab on December 1st.  Despite the rain the kids were wowed and had a great time tempting the snake by standing in its mouth.  They were also treated to a great intro to Prosthesis.  And then to wrap things up the kids wowed the team by all successfully building an Altoids LED flashlight under the guidance of the incredible Titanoboa solder gang.

BEAKERHEAD!   July 3-10th, 2012

Titanoboa took the streets of Calgary by storm with Daisy, the Mondo Spider, and the Black Ghost in a series of surprise deployments that culminated with a combined show at the Stampede Grand Stand.


Google IO   June 26-27th, 2012

Titanoboa rocked the exclusive Google X Fiesta as well as the After Hours celebration at Google IO.


USA Science & Engineering Festival:  April 28-29th 2012.

Titanoboa rolled out to Washington DC with the Mondo Spider to boost kids interest in science and engineering at this high profile US national festival!  As part of the same festival, the Mondo Spider is also walking  in the Cherry Blossom Parade!


Nightquest 2012: March 24

Titanoboa and the Mondo Spider spooked kids at this annual event in Pacific Spirit Park and the first co-deployment of the two machines.  For more details and pictures see the eataART page.

Art with Energy Exhibition 2011: Dec 15

A one night exhibition with eatART at the Hangar on Great Northern Way Campus



Parade of Lost Souls 2011: Oct 29

Burningman 2011: Aug 29-Sep 5

Titanoboa was an Burning Man 2011 Honorarium project.   Despite complications moving on the open playa surface, Titanoboa was able to get up and slithering around with the help of the kind folks at Black Rock Roller Disco.


eatART’s Wavelength

eatART’s annual film festival and end of summer party serves as an ideal grounds to show off Titanoboa to the local crowd before the beast slithers south to the Nevada Desert.


Van125 Summer Live: July 8, 9, 10

Vancouver’s 125th anniversary and year as Cultural Capital of Canada will be celebrated throughout 2011 with Vancouver 125: a year-long program of anniversary initiatives and events.  Summer Live will showcase Vancouver’s vibrant arts scene through a free, multi-stage celebration in Stanley Park on July 8, 9, 10, 2011.